Healthy Feeding The Way To Go

Food is good for the body, mind and soul in fact we eat to live. However, it is the mode of feeding that determines one’s health since the type of food that one consumes is a determinant. It is emerging today that many diseases that are emerging are due to poor feeding habits. We are living in a world that the career life is taking over and most of the people are not taking time to feed in the right way due to the limited time of pushing their career goals. Actually, the fast foods have taken over and it is evident that you will not walk two steps in any city without noting the existence of a fast food restaurant.

healthy foods

So, what is healthy feeding?


To start with, it is important that you have meals at least thrice a day; this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many nutritionists feel that the breakfast is the most important meal since the body is getting ready for the day. Therefore, eat like a king in the morning, like a queen in the afternoon and like a pauper in the evening should be the norm. A healthy meal should contain balanced diets that are proteins, carbohydrates and starch with the right proportions and cereals, greens and fruits must accompany them. To have a clue on the mode of feeding, it is important to seek the assistance of a nutritionist.

Benefits of healthy feeding


  • It keeps the body strong and alert
  • Keeps away dangerous diseases that come up as a result of malnutrition or deadly diseases like cancer
  • The body grows accordingly by giving a good tone to the skin and enhancing strong bones
  • Food contributes to proper circulation of blood and in fact, some foods are believed to be boosters of more blood in the body.



It is important to know that you are what you eat and the body will always react according to what it feeds. Therefore, it is important to take action and always consider what you consume not forgetting to take at least eight glasses of water a day to hydrate the body.

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